My biggest Buck Taken in 2019!

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It's been way too long since I've been on here and sharing in everyone's hunting stories and successes. I'm back and figured one of the 1st things I should do is post a photo of my biggest buck, taken just this past season in 2019, with the 20 ga shotgun. I'd actually had trail cam photos of him in 2018. 2019 got 1 photos of him in August then when season started, he was showing up on my trail cameras and I knew then he was staying in the general area and while I made no expectations for myself of him showing up in daylight and getting a shot, I was sticking it out and though maybe we'd meet up at some point. Did not see him in person during archery, just on trail cam. 3rd day of gun season and get into my stand in an area I'd had a photo of him a day or 2 before. Morning started out slow, had a flock of gobblers come in fighting which was cool to hear then I thought to myself "usually where there's turkeys there's deer". Sure enough around 8am, I look to my right and catch a deer with a large rack about 80 to 100 yards through the trees walking towards one of the other stands! I grabbed my grunt call and threw some grunts at him, he disappeared then I realize here he is coming towards me, cautiously. He stopped at about 70 yards, quartering towards me, looking for where the grunting came from, I put the cross hairs on the front of his shoulder and 20 ga rifled slug hit it's mark, he dropped in his tracks....boy did I cry, lol! But here he is, I was so so blessed and still am each deer season I can be out hunting!


P1000830 (2).jpg


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