Buck with the Crossbow 2019

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The last 2 weeks of archery in NY, which is when crossbow season is, also tends to be when rut activity fires up. I ended up having a wrist issue which made it hard to hold my bow so I opted to take the crossbow out. November 4th the woods came alive in the morning...I heard grunting and deer running and then had a couple small bucks coming my way when this guy came up behind them. Game on...archery season had been slow to this point...I missed a doe with my bow about a week prior. This 7 point came in, about 30-32 yards broadside and I sent a bolt right behind the shoulder, a little low but actually went through the heart. I don't think he knew what happened...took a couple leaps, stopped, walked, stopped, looked around...watched him teeter then go down...he only ran maybe 20 yards from where he was hit....easy track job and easy drag. I will say crossbows add a different element of challenge...still have to squeeze the shot off, etc. This buck was also delicious! 🙂


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