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Today was the opening day for grouse here. Luckily I'm off for the week. Woke up this morning to ice on the windshields. Thermometer was reading 33°F. Perfect morning! Loaded up the shotgun and headed out to some beautiful nearby country. Found some new trails, a couple new lakes to trout fish and put just over 5 miles on the boots! Spooked one other bird, was too thick for a shot though. Ended up getting this one! First one for the new Remington 1100 Sporting 28ga I got back in the spring. Been waiting for a long time to get out in the woods with it. Also saw a HUGE buck bedded down. Just as I got my phone out to get a pic he spooked and bolted off. He would have been in big trouble if it was in November. Also stumbled across a good sized moose track.

My 5 year old girl watched me clean it, had to know all the organs. I told her it tastes like chicken but better. When she tried it she said "This is WAY better than chicken, dad!!!" 😁😋 wasn't much left for ole dad to eat!


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