Awesome morning squirrel hunt


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Have not had a morning like this in years. Several years ago lost the land I grew up hunting on. Have a small lease to deer hunt but do the majority of squirrel hunting now on public land. It's tough to find a good area full of squirrels these days. This morning hiked up into a spot I've hunted last few years that has red oak, pignut hickory, shagbark hickory and have gotten a few squirrels from...well hit it right this morning...apparently I found where the squirrels were traveling back and forth from some shagbark hickory. I'd say in no more than an hour, sitting in just this one area, occasionally moving from tree to tree to gain a better view, I was able to take home 4 squirrels! All within probably a 20 yard radius of the area  I was sitting. Spending a morning in the squirrel woods is one of my favorite things to do pre-deer season. God blessed me with a great morning!


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On 2/7/2021 at 12:22 PM, Ravin R10 man said:

Shot 3 right off the back porch last Sunday before I headed back to line 3!  I burn corn in my Outdoor Boiler, and they were coming to raid the shed....that was last time they did that!!   They wound up in the freezer.

LOL! Around here squirrel hunting gets tough after winter sets in. Season ends the last day of February so I'm hoping we get a warm spell to get them critters moving...I think I still have a couple in the freezer...time for some deep frying.

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