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My friends Dave and Zendal went up to Ontario to hunt wolves.  Dave is actually one of the top people in the US when it comes to nuisance coyotes and has lots and lots of experience with coyotes in general.  He had always wanted to go on a wolf hunt and call for wolves instead of sitting over bait, this video was shot several years ago and at that time was probably one of the first ever videos of a hunter being successful calling in and taking a wolf.  I finally got around to getting it edited, and it's pretty cool so I thought some of you might like it.



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Great filming Gary! You are *very* lucky to even see one let alone get it on film and be successful. As you know I'm sure, wolves are quite a bit more wise than coyotes, extremely elusive during the day and rarely show their faces. Crazy smart animals! My neighbor had a big black one like that at her farm last year. It would come in and eat at the manure pile every morning when she went to the barn at 4 or 5am. She has all sorts of animals including sheep. No idea how it didn't get one. I was going to go down and take care of it for her but just never worked out. 

A couple months ago my wifey let our golden retriever out for a pee just before sunrise and the dog put the run on one across the field. I was still asleep but was awoken to the commotion, by the time I grabbed my rifle and ran outside it was long gone and Gus was back at the deck proud as a peacock that he ran it off. Kayla said it was as big or bigger than Gus who is at least 80 pounds, and looked black. So I'm assuming it was that wolf or one of his buddies.

Usually just have coyotes around where I live and you don't really see wolves until you get 50 miles or so to the west and north. But as stated in the video they do travel quite a bit. Have the trail cam out with road kill deer carcasses in the winter time and have yet to get any wolves on the cam. Just coyotes, and boy do we have a pile of them here. From dusk til dawn they howl and carry on within a couple hundred yards of the house. 

Great video, don't know how I didn't see it before now. With the little activity going on here nowadays I'll usually pop into the lounge once a week and that's about it.

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