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Looks like we are piling up some points now because I also have an upgrade as FG went down last night at 5:25!

FG is a deer whose history started in 2018 with trail cams on the property.  At that time I deemed him to be either 3 or overly mature based on camera pictures.  The lone sighting of him came from the house one afternoon in late October when he stepped out into our food plot behind the house.  At that time I was still unsure on what he was so I elected to put him in the pass list in 2018.  He was a home body living right behind the house and was all over in camera that year.

Fast forward to 2019 and FG added considerable inches and what extremely active on my farm throughout the year again.  Even though is believed him to be 4.5 last year there was another deer I was after, Scoop, who I shot in November 16th.  Being a one buck area in our state, this gave FG another free pass for the year on my place.  Oddly enough he was daylight active from camera activity but I never saw him on the hoof during that season.  That’s likely due to the fact that Scoop took up residence on a certain part of the farm and that’s where I focused my attention.  

Surprisingly FG held both sides of his rack until April 1st this spring.  It is a potential that this contributes to his decline this fall.

This year FG only showed up once during the summer on my farm, but I was able to glass him in a bachelor group living about 1/2 mile away during the summer.  I think his first full day back was early October and then he was a regular on the farm.  It was very interesting that he started living up by my house to start the year but then relocated about 1/2 mile south to another area on the farm for about 3 weeks.  I hunted him hard in that area and the only encounter came in late October.  That night I had wants to test a new broad head on a  doe and unfortunately I hit her too far forward.  Upon watching her run 130 yards with my around in her shoulder and not going down.  I elected to get down early and go look for blood at the last place I saw her.  Upon getting down, I headed back to the ranger to drop my gear.  I get about 100 yards away from my blind and there stands FG watching me.  I immediately know that he watched me get down from my blind that that I’ve  messed up.  It was highly probable that had I not shot that doe, he was going to come into that food plot to check them.  I’m immediately kicking myself for getting down and for even shooting at darn doe in late October.  To make matters worse, I do not recover the doe. After this encounter FG goes undetected by cameras for somewhere between 10-12 days.  The next photo I get of him, he’s daylight right up by the house!  This year work has been a little hectic so I have not been able to take as much time off.  Go figure I get two phone calls from my wife in the last 7 days that FG is down behind the house in daylight and I can’t hunt him.

On opening day this weekend I took my wife hunting hoping she would get a shot at him.  He never presented himself, but we were able to get her a doe on opening morning.  Sunday was a terrible day for hunting with sustained winds of 30MPH and rain.  Because did this I expected Monday to have some serious potential.

Monday rolls around and I’m able to get out to hunt.  I elected to go to a stand overlooking a standing beam plot which is located about 300 yards from where I believe FG is living.  Right around 4:45 I see a doe standing about 175 yards away in that direction.  I glass her for about 15 minutes and I can see she keeps looking back, but she’s in no hurry to move.  She may have made it 10 yards closer in that time frame.  I have a few fawns and a small buck come out into the beans.  I watch them briefly snd keep checking on that doe.  About 5:05 I notice what appears to be a different deer standing in the same general area where that doe was.  I pulled up the binos and realize it’s him!  He locked down with her and now at I’m at mercy of where this girl wants to take him.  I’m trying my best to find a shooting hole where he’s at snd it’s just not possible.  She begins to work her way toward me and it seems like she is going to come to those beans.  Unfortunately she gets to about 125 yards and veers West into some thick cover.  She moves about 75 yards West snd walks through my only lane to shoot.  At this point I’m fairly certain the shot will happen and I get the gun up and ready.  As he begins to enter to shooting lane its so tight I realize I can’t stop him for fear that his vitals could be obstructed when he does stop. I elected to take the shot while he was walking.  Unfortunately I hit just a little hit and spines him.  I quickly got down and made a follow up shot to put him down.

FG ends up field dressing at 207 lbs and becomes the second buck I’ve killed off my farm.  Just like Scoop, he was killed on November 16th snd he’s a deer whom I had three years of history with.  He lived in the same area as Scoop and was killed in close proximity as well.


That’s a wrap on my statewide season and I will now look forward full my urban tag later in the year!



















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Nice one Hoosier and great story. 
I Never had that guy on cam , didn’t know he was anywhere around. I hunt on a power line and always looking both ways. At around 4:45 pm I heard a crash down below and across from me so I concentrated on looking that way, at 5:05 pm he stepped out of the woods. I took good sight and pulled , he dropped in his tracks  I got right down and went to see but when I got down the power line I could not find him, I thought he must have got up. Then I panicked lol. I looked for a bit it was getting dark , I thought I’ll have to get friends to come in in the morning and help me look, I then calmed down a bit lol and decided to walk a bit further down the power line and I almost tripped over him. He was further than I thought when I shot , everything looks the same on the power line when ya get on the ground. I shot him at 5:05 pm this past Monday I shot the 6 pointer last Monday at 5:05 pm lol. My daughter was hunting close by both times I shot , this has been my favourite year hunting ever. She helped me gut and get the 6 pointer on my side by side. 

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Hey guys.  Sorry I haven’t been very active in November, it’s been a very hectic month with work.  I haven’t hunted since I shot FG a few weeks ago.  Heck I haven’t had time to check cameras either!  I hope to get cameras caught up and see what’s still walking around.  Gun season has ended on the statewide properties here and muzzleloader kicks off next week.  I may still try to get my wife on a buck and then I’ll focus my efforts on the second tag I have starting in a few weeks.

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I was able to take a doe a few days ago when a weather front moved in.  My buddy had given me some canned venison to try and I love it so I decided to get some for the family.  Beautiful night out and the snow as flying early.  She came out with several fawns and a small buck.  I let her feed for about 20 minutes before settling the crosshairs in.  She dressed at 103 and should be perfect for canning.


On another note, a recent card pull revealed a interesting video.  After seeing this I took the family out to investigate.  We found a carcass that was completely eaten out laying not far off one of my food plots.  Only half the rib cage was left and one leg.  By the looks of the ribs, it was a fawn or very young deer.




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