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Checking in.

Season starts a week from this Saturday.  But I won't likely hunt til November.  The first 2 weeks of November, I'm off work with the sole goal of arrowing a mature buck.  We'll see how that goes.  Also have a pair of doe tags I plan to use with my flintlock after Christmas.

I haven't owned a working trail camera for 5 or 6 years.  But another guy that hunts the other side of the block I hunt (like a mile away) showed me a pic of a 140-ish 10 pointer, so....................


We'll see. 

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I'm here.

I've been hunting since the 5th of this month, but not for deer.  Trying to fill an elk tag and having no luck so far.  Hunting in smoke so thick you can scoop it up with a fork the first couple of weeks and then to the past couple days of cold rain and 30 degree temps, it has been a little bit of a challenge.  The older, mature bucks have gone nocturnal since shedding their velvet, but I might stumble into one while cruising the mountains.  Probably won't do any serious deer hunting until late October through November.

Happy hunting everyone!

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Hi guys! Checking in here! Season starts with archery this week on Oct. 1st...I'm not quite ready but I hope to be out by the is going to be cool! Corn is just starting to get chopped so I hope that makes for more deer movement....nearly every field on my road was corn this year so it kind of kept the deer movement to a minimum. Season runs from October 1st to mid-December...shotgun season is mid-November then late archery/muzzleloader after gun for about 10 days in December.

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So...........last evening.......... I shot my bow for the 2nd time this year.  Being terminally busy sucks.  But I'm finding this bow (it's a 2009 model that I just bought nearly unused last year) to be super quiet.........super fast...........and the smoothest bow I have ever shot by a factor of about 10.   My first pin is 0-30 yards.  It's kinda nice.

My 3 stands have either been or are about to be converted from "crimped-in-China" cables to support the platform to chain, turnbuckles and stainless hardware.  I have 2 of the 3 converted and hung one today.  This is THE stand location on my entire property.  4 of the bucks I have on my wall have come from here.  There's natural "funnels" and then there's natural "magnets".  This stand is on the brow of the ridge with about a 4 acre flat out front.  The prevailing wind is 99% from the flat into my my scent blows 200 feet high out across the valley behind me and gone.  Platform height is right at 24 feet.  So I just don't get picked or busted.  IIRC........ I saw 27 different bucks from this stand in 7 days of hunting it last season. Barring some catastrophic change in historical deer's where I'll be spending 60-70 hours a week come November.  

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]2020-10-04_05-03-31[/url] by [url=]Yoder 409[/url], on Flickr

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Got another stand up this afternoon.  This one was a ground-up installation.  Never hunted this area before in archery season.  Was hoping to not have to move as many limbs and trees as I ended up doing.  But it is what it is.  The stand is in a fairly tall spruce tree.  Ended up with (because I just got fed up and cranked up the Husqvarna) a pretty decent area of view to the front and one lane back over my right shoulder.

I may sit it this coming Saturday morning...........just for the heck of it.

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The lane back over my right shoulder.


Front view, right (downhill):

There's a trail coming in right below the pile of fallen logs.


Front view, straight out:

There's a trail coming around the head of the little gully.....just to the right of the big, gray hickory in the left of the pic.


Front view, left (uphill):

There's a trail running right along and parallel to,  the fallen log in the center of the pic. 


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This location is low.  About 100 yards uphill from the creek bottom.  I have another VERY good location about 400 yards downstream.......and the stand is RIGHT over the creek.  I like to have "low" stands and "high" stands.  Seems some years you can't smell a buck on a ridgetop but the bottoms a crawling with them.  And some years.............just the opposite.

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Hi everyone.  Been hunting every weekend since Sept. 27th.  I have seen bucks every time I go out but nothing I want to shoot.  I did bag a dry

doe last Sunday but I'm not going to put it up on the board yet with so much season to go.

Muzzleloader starts Saturday and rifle is a week later.  Lets see how that goes.

Good luck everyone!


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Decided to do a morning sit yesterday.  It was 25 degrees when I left the house.  Thought it might be a good morning to call.  Well.....................wrong.  I sat my creek bottom stand.


Straight out front:




Over my right shoulder:




There's a pretty good scrape to the left of the double tree in the right foreground of the pic.






Ended up seeing 5 mature doe and 2 yearlings.  Then at 10:00........ I'm ready to go home and get some breakfast......... this dude came in and made himself to home.  Stayed for an hour.  Bedded down within 10 yards of me.  Neat buck.........forked left G2..........but he needs another year or two.



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On 10/16/2020 at 6:53 AM, Turkeygirl said:

Tagged a doe on this Monday! She is delicious! Plenty of season left so waiting to see if a buck gives me a shot!

Excellent!  Congratulations and good luck tagging a buck.

1 hour ago, Mathews XT Man said:

Nice pics Don

Some good, from the stand pictures, for sure.  Pretty nice buck with a lot of potential too.

Last day of archery season today.  Did not go out and woke up to this.


Rifle season starts next Saturday for deer/elk and I'll have five weeks to get it done.  There has been little deer movement the past month or so but with the rut not far off and the colder weather that should change.

Good hunting everyone!

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