Doe with neck wound.

Ravin R10 man

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Had this Doe come in Fri. eve., not sure how this was caused. Bobcat get a hold of her and she got away, ( did not see any scratch marks), or run into a fence wire?  An arrow could maybe, or a poacher with a rifle. All speculation of course.  She did not seem to need a MERCY killing at this point. Kinda wunder about maggots getting her.


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Maybe a bobcat, but probably not a lion.  I've seen a lion bring down a deer and once they get a grip there is little chance the deer would get away.  I still go with the fence idea having seen the results of startled or pursued deer after running through a barbed wire fence.  Miles of the stuff all over and much of it falling down and no longer needed.  RMEF volunteers have removed hundreds of miles of old fence over the past couple of decades.  Hung up on an old fence to die, I would rather a lion get me.

That doe should be giving birth to your next trophy buck next spring.

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Picture quality gets pretty poor when zooming in, but looks like a good hunk missing above the spine, where there is no meat or hide left.  Seen plenty of deer here get hung up in fence, and get pics of injuries I suspect/ed were fence injuries, but none that look quite like that.  Seriously doubt a cat did that, but never know.  I would be more inclined to think someone shot her hard angle down, broadhead cut away the meat.  

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Carina showed me a video from a trail camera of a nice buck that was unzipped from the shoulders nearly to the base of the tail.  Could see the insides as the deer walked, could see the shoulder blade move up and down.  Dunno how it was walking.  Best guess of mine on that one was deer was bedded and let a combine get too close.

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4 hours ago, wtnhunt said:

This was the clip Catrina showed me over the weekend

Only thought I had was deer was bedded in crops and let combine get too close.

As soon as I read this thread I thought of your deer.  That video has been flying all over Facebook.  Pretty unbelievable. 

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