Fun weekend at the camp!

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Had an awesome time this weekend up at the hunt camp. My fiancee had to work this weekend, so I headed up to the camp to enjoy the beautiful 75-80 degree weather with the kids and my parents. Was almost too hot actually. Especially after a week or two of having frost every morning, and highs sometimes barely breaking the 50 degree mark. The leaves sure are beautiful up here now after that!

Went out this morning for a little bird hunt carrying my new little Stoeger Condor 20ga I won in a draw. Came up on a flock of partridge (ruffed grouse). They scattered fairly quick but 3 lagged behind. The two in the back were one behind the other. And the other was off to the right. Shot the first two in one shot (first time I've done that!😁) then quickly swung at the other who was already lifted off and getting the heck out of dodge! Missed it, knew it was probably pushing the limits of my shotgun. Oh well, go a little ways further and got one more! 


Emma's first attempt at cleaning one! 20200927_113117.thumb.jpg.30f31d88ebd23211d9a91dce77e282d6.jpg

Saw a nice sized moose track, cow or small bull likely. Kind of kicking myself for not applying now!


A few more pics I took over the weekend.






Patrick, my 14 month old was very happy to see his cow buddies when he got home.😊20200927_154752.thumb.jpg.c589ee27d33cc4ac05e9a0d6760ac0d5.jpg

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