Do you journal your hunts?

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I used to Gary.  Kept a journal in a file on my pc, that pc has not been powered on in at least a year, but that file should still be in the hd.  Kept a journal online here for years in the users daily journal.  All those here were lost unfortunately with some of the forum "upgrades".  I kept some notes in a phone for a while but those did not merge with my last phone swap.  I am also guilty of texting messages to my wife about what I see, then later go back and review those.

Really the best recounts of my hunts are the stories I have posted here.

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Same here...I used to Gary but quit about 10 years ago or so.  My computer crashed and I lost it...9 years of organized entries...bummer.  I still have my hand written note books for each of those years though.  I don't hunt any of the properties anymore where I used took those notes.  When I kept a journal data included all weather conditions, moon phases, along with details for each deer I saw (ID, time seen, direction came from, direction went, etc.).  BTW...from reviewing that data annually, at least for Mississippi deer, it was obvious moon phase wasn't really a factor for deer movement.

These days, data from trail cams has really helped do a lot of the same thing.  Hunters just need to use all the data and pay attention to details in the pictures.  Granted eyes on is better since you're covering a larger area than a cam.  However, having several scent free sets of eyes out there 24/7 taking pics and storing data sure beats the old days of trying to figure deer out.

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I used to enter every hunt in a spiral ring note pad. was interesting to go back on a cold winter eve. and relive each hunt..YEARS after! ...JEEPERS!   It was AMAZING how it triggered back memories of that very hunt! Like Rhino I stopped doing that prob under ten years now. Kinda wish I woulda kept them some times....

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