So joe, the American people don't panic?????

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Really, ridicuolous.  Expectation of an impending nationwide indefinite lockdown.........  

Here we go again, toilet paper paper towels, bleach, and cleaning supplies all seeing runs again.  Empty shelves on the paper aisles.  Hearing even freezers cannot be found for folks stocking up.  

Wonder how many of those Americans that "don't panic" are the same ones that voted for joe and are fear buying and hoarding or panicking? 

What's happening elsewhere?

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same thing everywhere around here in Massachusetts William (no surprise), no toiletry/paper goods, haven't heard most recently about freezers but i know back in May, June, July Freezers were absolutely impossible to get your hands on, i already own a chest freezer and spare fridge and freezer but my parents shopped around everywhere at the time for chest freezers and they were backordered at the time for close to 3 months.. it's crazy, what are people doing with it all? Like you say, they've got to be hoarding it... 


PS- another reason i'm glad to be a hunter, rumors of grocery stores going to limited hours or closing up temporarily are swirling, knowing i've got a reserve of a few things is comforting.

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Grocery store I was in yesterday had ample supplies of paper towels and TP.   But try to find ammo for ANYTHING around here................. !!!!   100 packs of shotgun shells and a couple boxes of .350 Legend were all that was on the shelves at WalMart a couple weeks ago.  Who'd have ever figured you'd see a day you couldn't buy .30-30............... .270................ .30-'06 ?????

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14 hours ago, Strut10 said:

Who'd have ever figured you'd see a day you couldn't buy .30-30............... .270................ .30-'06 ?????

Only gonna get worse.  Components hard to come by too.  Finding primers in 1000 or greater quantities would be about like hitting the lottery.

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Not really panicking buying yet up here like in the spring. But they are threatening travel restrictions on people who don't get this magical vaccine once it's available to us. Pretty rediculous. Justin Trudeau can touch his toe with one hand and stick himself in the posterior with the other with my vaccine, because I ain't getting it!!!!

Still tons of ammo up here. Even picked up 4 boxes of .260 Remington the other day at a local mom and pop store for my new rifle. Which is an uncommon cartridge these days (compared to some other 6.5 umm what's it called again Don?😂) that has taken over the 6.5 family again... j/k!!)

Had no shortage of the common ones either!

Wouldn't surprise me if it starts soon though. Nearing 2000 cases/day here in Ontario. Was around the 500-600 mark when lockdown happened in the spring. MUCH more testing being done now though, which the lefty media takes full advantage of and sways its followers with.

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Grocery prices are seeing an uptick. If you do online ordering they often don't even have anything to substitute for items they don't have. The clementines and bananas we got in this last order were rotten. You can't find ammo anywhere unless you barter with someone else. I'm gathering up equipment and have a bug-out bag ready in case things get real rough. Never thought this would ever be something I'd have to consider in my time.

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