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So where I work for a Dept of Energy contractor they are stupidly strict on the covid expose regulations and because of them I got sent home from work Monday and couldn't return to work until cleared so you'd think that it would be a great time to hit the woods but I honestly haven't had the time. Between getting a placement for a child (the wife and I are still fostering) that we could not control last week (long story the child needs a lot of prayers and we ended up not being able to keep him) and the majority of our own children being home because of school closures due to covid I haven't even began to be able to get my hunting stuff together. Well after we got a lot of errands ran Tuesday around 1pm I found myself at home alone for about an hour or two and decided to watch some TV for some quiet time. Quite time turned into a hunt LOL... I glanced out my living room window into the field to the South of my house and saw two deer at about 130 in the afternoon. Knowing the rut is starting to kick off here in East Tennessee I decided to get my rifle out to see what they were. (Rifle was easier to find quick than binoculars). I open the window and see two deer one doe and one buck that I could not tell how big it was just could tell he was not huge but not little either. I decided to ground check him. I squeezed off a round of .30-06 at I'm guessing a range of 375??? He dropped... He got up and staggered off... Got in the truck drove into the field and found really good blood where he dropped. A quick search and he only ran 50 yards into the woods. A fine 7 point that had a broken G3 and almost tied my biggest buck. I couldn't post it on Facebook because of the work quarantine where I'm not supposed to be doing any other activities other than stuff and home and killing a deer just doesn't look like something you'd do at home but in this case it surely was!!! Found my bullet in the backside shoulder which was a first for me and I thought that was pretty cool! 





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