Anybody shooting a Ravin??

Ravin R10 man

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On 2/16/2021 at 8:27 AM, Ravin R10 man said:

Waiting for my Slicktrick  Raptor  100 gr. practice tips and broadheads. Gonna sight it in with those. That will have to be done out side.

Don't be afraid to try NAP Spitfires.  I've killed 11 deer in 5 years with them out of my crossbow and I have never been disappointed.  Not to mention less expensive.

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Once the scope is dialed in at short range, you are good to go. SO, I had Sunday off, and decided to try out a few different yardages. Not sure id shoot over 50 yrds.  90 and 100  I have not yet attempted.

50 Yrds.








80 I may have not held right on that one.


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Currently am working with a guy I went to high school with, he also just got a Ravin R20. We are comparing notes between hunting stories.... and reliving "old days" and things we did back

We have been installing drain tile in my pasture, grading and slope surface to drain better, and mechanical rock picking. Making ag field out of it now.

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