My son's first deer

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I know this isn't the deer area and I apologise but my son Bentley killed his first deer today. We got to the ground blind at 7am this morning on my wife's ex husband's property (his name is Devan... Bentley was taken in by my wife and him while they were still married so he calls him his other daddy lol). This morning it was really foggy and a tad cold around 35 degrees. Devan told me they cross the old logging road usually around 745 and 930... 745 came and nothing... 9 comes around and Bentley is wanting to leave because he was cold and I was wearing my uninsulated turkey hunting boots and my feet were froze too but I made him stick it out. 930 and still nothing... I tell him I want to leave no later than 11 just to be sure... I remember the last time I checked the time per his request it was 1010... What felt like seconds later Bentley is practically punching me in the leg telling me to look to my left... There stood a big doe that snuck up behind us because the heavy fog acted almost like a mist and the leaves were a little soggy... We couldn't even hear the squirrels playing in the leaves in front of us. After I finally got him to snap out of his goofy grin of excitement and get the deer in the scope. (Let me back up and say the original plan was to use my .223 AR because Bentley is deadly with it at 100 yards but with my fore grip and magazine it wouldn't fit and rest out the blind and I brought my .30-06 as backup just in case that was a problem.... To add to that ol Dad wasn't about to tell him this gun will kick a lot more than that .223 because he did ask and I played it off like it was the same hahahahahaha). The deer saw me... I made eye contact with the deer and I was getting nervous because it was literally taking him an entire lifetime from my view to get on this deer that's less than 30 yards away. The deer starts to slowly make is way in the direction it was going and I stop it just past a tree. I click the safety off and wait what seemed like another lifetime and BANG... All I see is this deer literally pouring blood out of it's chest and she drops... We both start the celebration and Bentley proclaims that gun kicks hard!!! I had a pretty good laugh at that... Y'all might not agree with me but he knows how to handle a rifle and I knew if I told him it kicked he wouldn't squeeze the trigger like he's supposed to. I've seen videos of kids killing their first deer and getting the buck fever after the fact and shaking uncontrollably. That is what happened to Bentley... I started shaking and got that same old feeling I got when I killed my first deer. Had I been thinking I would've recorded the kill from my phone but I broke out the phone for a little interview after we celebrated for a minute. Got to video the recovery. Super proud Dad moment that we'll remember forever. 



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