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Guess I'm bored to post this, but here's a football thought or two.

A player on defense lowers his head as he makes a tackle or a player on offense lowers his head to make a few more yards.  Which one are the officials going to throw a flag on?  I have never seen a player on offense called for a spearing/targeting penalty.

Second scenario revolves around the face mask penalty.  Having witnessed many a stiff arm where the ball carrier latches on to the face mask and pushes, pulls or twists to fend off the tackler, I wonder how that can not be called a penalty.  A player on defense will get called if their hand even grazes the mask of the ball carrier.

According to the rules (NFL) there has to be intent and incidental contact of either helmet crown or face mask does not a penalty make.  Then they make these judgement penalties.  Seriously?

Roughing/targeting the QB if he is in possession of, or in the act of throwing/lateraling the ball is another bogus penalty.  Of course he is the target, and obviously a wussy.  Grown (overpaid) men willingly playing a game where they intentionally inflict violence on each other should not be governed by rules protecting some but not others.

And fans(s) pay to go see this?  Sad.

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Definitely too much left to discretion of "unbiased" officials.  I have seen on rare occasion where an offensive player, ball carrier, was called for unsportsmanlike conduct or like call for grabbing a defenders mask where it was too blatant to ignore.  But agreed, when using the helmet as a weapon on either side it should be called and rarely is when it is the offensive player, same goes for jerking the mask.  

For the most part I quit watching football until the end of the season due to the disrespect by so many players.  Even with the playoffs and superbowl unless there is a team I used to like, my interest is not what it once was.  

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