Who's ready for Spring Turkey?

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Definitely feeling ready for the snow to melt and spring thaw to begin. Saw lots of turkeys this fall on camera and in person while deer hunting so I am hopefully for an exciting spring season...some big old gobblers are around. Working on getting some TSS ammo for the .410 an Indian Creek choke, and a sight as well. Working per diem, I should have a good amount of time to chase turkeys this spring 🙂

How's your 2021 season looking for you?

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I was ready the day after season closed LAST year !!!!

My season is looking like Florida in March and PA in May.  I'm looking forward to it. 

Just hard to get too cranked up about it when we're staring at -15 temps at night a week from now.  Winter is an old hag.  I don't need to tell you OR Martin anything more about THAT.................

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I'm looking forward to spring and hopefully some good turkey hunting.  Currently the birds are hanging around the various homes of people who feed them, but will start wandering once spring arrives and the weather changes.  Last year I concentrated my efforts on taking one oversized gobbler and never did get him close enough to close the deal.  Maybe this spring if he is still around.  A lot of birds, so it should be a good season.

Like most of the country, this coming week the forecast is calling for bone chilling temps.  February and March can bring some of the worst weather that winter has to offer.  I'm so ready for spring.

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