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Ravin R10 man

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40 minutes ago, Turkeygirl said:

Awesome deal!

Scoped R10 with hard case 5 arrows a sling, quiver and hand crank. Guy had 1700 into package with purchase slip.

had only shot it 4 times, then his buddy sold land he was going to hunt, decided to sell bow.

Got it for 1275  bow retails for more than that. I got lucky.

400fps. You can crank it back down to release bow.

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1 hour ago, RangerClay said:

Welcome to the crossbow family

Thanks man!..I've been wanting to switch over, not because I cant pull my bow back. But with the wolves here, these deer are so stinkin jumpy, you are lucky to get to full draw when it turns silent at last light. I got extremely fortunate to find a package at the price this one was, and only to have had 4 arrows out of it.  Im excited to get out this fall with it. I may even shoot my spring turkey with it.

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