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Thank you guys for watching! Appreciate it. This is a new adventure to me. This covid crap has made me more thankful for what I have, and I enjoy sharing with you guys.

Just uploaded one, and one more uploading at the moment of the dog and I checking on our fish shack. I will warn you I fell through some top ice and said the S word.😅

Trying to keep the content as clean and family oriented as possible, I will be working on the editing to avoid any of that in the future. 

Should get fun once I'm back to work, I plan on doing a little vlogging when I can. You will see how much I love what I do! If you like boats and are a DIY, you may want to hit that subscribe button!

Going into work tomorrow and tearing down a Mercruiser 8.2L big block to find a tick in the engine.😎

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I'm having way more fun with this than I thought. Feels natural. I have watched so many car repair videos in my life its not even funny. So I guess I just forget I'm recording and can just be myself. There's a 4 part series coming on this boat I was working on yesterday. 2013 Formula 37PC. Beautiful midsized cabin cruiser.

Also noticed the nice sunset as I left work. I drive basically due west for 40 miles home so I thought hey what the heck, I'll hit record, put the phone on the dash and chat about how I got to where I am and a little of my background. These forums are mentioned one of the videos, I believe it is the last video of the little "Meet the guy behind the camera" series.

Just gonna roll with it and see what happens. Only had 12 subs when I went to bed now there is 14, even that is exciting at this point.😄

Enjoy. Its gonna be really fun once the ice goes bye-bye for the summer folks. Strap your hats on and enjoy the ride.Screenshot_20210225-213412_Facebook.thumb.jpg.08721d974ec8004dfef72af83f81580c.jpg

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