I did it. Yaaaaa

NS whitetail

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I took the course and I am now officially a professional licensed hunting and fishing guide here in Nova Scotia. I own a 5 bedroom cottage with a bathroom and all the luxuries of home. My plan is, a few years down the road I want to get set up to take people bear hunting. I know a guy who has been doing it since 1998 and he has been very successful at it. He has clients from Denmark and Sweden. 

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Congrats, Lewis. 47 years as a guide/outfitter tells me you'll love it. At least I sure did. Good luck and good success.

I'm not a bear hunter, but I do have friends who are bear outfitters. I helped him with 2 types of bait. One was shetland ponies and old horses. He'd lead them to the stand for a 1 way trip. The bears would take a week to eat them. The second thing he did was gather donuts daily from the local donut shop. The free, day old ones. He put them in a 55 gallon drum all year long. At hunting time he'd set the drums out. The bears cannot resist donuts, and the bait was free. Just a couple things to consider.

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