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SO, I had my grandson shoot my R10 today. I took my Block Target out and had him shoot it with range finder while I placed it out at 20 yrds. Ok got it. Go back cock and load crossbow and get set up on shooting rest. I show him do's and dont's with fingers etc. get him to focus the 20 yrd pin. Now settle 20 yard dot on the black dot of the target and squeeze it off.  DOINK!!...arrow shoots way over top of the block, skips off the grass at 70 yards, gets air borne and hit my 100 yard gun range target!!!  "I guess I aimed at the wrong one in the scope", he said.  Well, I aint NEVER gonna play a game of "HORSE" with that kid!! .....I can just see it now....

"ok Grampa,.....over the 20 target, off the grass, hit the 100 yard. one" 🙄

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Would be a viral video if you had caught that! LOL Don't your bolts get burried in that Block target? My block was no good for my new TP. Had to buy a high speed target.

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4 hours ago, fly said:

Don't your bolts get burried in that Block target?

They go in up to fletching, so far no problem pulling them out.

I had NO idea he was sighting in on my rifle target. That was inline with my block. He is not used to a scope, so I guess that is where he got confused.

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