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I am sure we all have our favorite genre of music but how many expand their horizons in the music they listen to.

Some thoughts on listening if you are bored.  Maybe you have already had a listen or maybe not.  Add your own, I still like to expand my horizons.

Metal:  Tatiana Shmaylyuk is a beast


Country/folk:  better than Darius Rucker's version




Oldies: Bobby Hatfield solo






The next group is just some amazing young talent that exists and makes me wonder.


The buskers on the streets in Ireland:




Enjoy, or not.

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Nobody?  Well, I'm bored and stuck in the house due to heat and to smoke so thick you can taste it.  I have a rather eclectic music play list and here's some good ones, or at least I think so.

ZZ Ward:



4 Non Blondes:

Larkin Poe:


              duo with Keith Urban

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I will have to try to listen to some of those when my internet is acting better.  I like a mix.  Listened to a lot of Rock and classic rock growing up.  Then more country.  Lately have been back to listening to more of the music I grew up on.  Man the lyrics in most of it sure does not fit today's PC/woke nature.

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5 hours ago, wtnhunt said:

I like Darius Rucker singing wagon wheel better than your clip for the vocals, he just has a better voice imo

I have to admit that Darius has the smoother voice, but still prefer the Old Crow Medicine Show version.  It is too bad Dylan never finished the song, but here is the original:

The last group, Larkin and Poe, was here in Rexford at Abayance Bay on the 10th of this month and their concert was outstanding.  Big and Rich will be here August 1st and I am looking forward to it.  I might be a little old to be going to concerts but a little entertainment between hunting seasons makes the time pass a little faster.

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