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On 8/10/2021 at 8:51 AM, 92xj said:

William, how's everything going?  Feeling good?  How's the mental health?  Having any odd thoughts these days?  I know that's personal, but we're all fake people on the made up internet, so it's ok.  Hope all is going well.  I'm 7 days from my one year anniversary...

Going pretty well Ben, thanks for asking.  Kids are back in school, so changed to 3 days a week cardiac rehab.  My capacity is definitely improving. Have a pretty good outlook, still looking forward to feeling better than I did before the stenosis got bad, not there yet. 

No odd thoughts really, but Vanderbilt's billing people and the insurance have surely been testing my patience.

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Good to hear your rehab is going well.  Having a little patience in your progress might be difficult but it will pay off in the end.

On 8/11/2021 at 9:37 AM, wtnhunt said:

Vanderbilt's billing people and the insurance have surely been testing my patience.

Patience there is also needed as stressing out over insurance issues isn't really doing your physical or mental health any good.  One thing I learned from my late wife was that most insurance denials were related to improper coding.  As an insurance coder, she was well aware of how to properly bill the insurance companies.  It is quite frustrating when a covered service is denied because the billing department had it coded wrong, especially if it happens multiple times.  The insurance company will often tell you which codes are covered.

Keep getting better and good luck with the insurance hassles.

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  • 1 month later...

Have about 4 weeks left of cardiac rehab, has been going well.  Push the upper limits they have been giving me with no issues.  Have not been able to get my weight down where I would like to be, and had to adjust blood pressure meds.  Had hoped I would be able to quit taking blood pressure medicines, but looking likely that is never going to happen.

No more incidents of irregular rhythms that I am aware of.

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Good work on the rehab. I miss going or having the option to go every day now that it's over and insurance want buy anymore for me.  

I also had and still have trouble losing weight.  I think I am eating and exercising good but the pounds aren't falling off like they would have pre surgery.  After researching, google told me beta blockers would make losing weight difficult; luckily I was able to get off of them after 6 months or so. The only meds for me now are 81mg Bayer and my Warfarin.  I don't believe either of those hinder weight loss, but it is still difficult for me to do, even after a year since surgery.  Thats a bummer about the BP meds.  I am so thankful I don't have to take more meds than I do.  I would think with the right diet and exercise you could eventually get off the meds if your numbers come down?  Keep up the work.  You are still in the honeymoon phase of all this.  Those next four weeks of rehab you should see and feel significant improvements and healing.  Though, don't get your hope up of being 100% anytime soon. I am still not there even after 13 months.  The elk mountains kicked my butt this September.  I will say I was amazed that I was able to pack out 2 elk during the month, but my cardio/innards held me back some.  I thought I would have been able to fly up and down the mountains with all the cardio workout I have done, but that was not the case.  What that did was kept my legs from giving up on me; my legs were great this year, but out of breath and needing to take breaks for the pacemaker to adjust to the activity I was doing sucked.  But, it's good to be alive and I/we will only get better with time.  You got this, it's just a slow process.

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