a muzzleloader season in Montana

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A bill passed by our legislators this past session, and signed into law, instituted a traditional muzzleloader heritage season for elk and deer to begin the second Saturday after the end of Montana’s general firearm hunting season and lasting nine days.  As the only state without a separate muzzleloading season, this was long overdue.  The season, with its restrictions to iron sights and traditional firearms and projectiles, will begin this year.  Montana FWP is currently taking public comments on proposals for this: https://fwp.mt.gov/hunt/public-comment-opportunities

I am in favor of this with maybe a few clarifications regarding the rules.  Although not another tag, it will offer a chance to fill an unfilled one.

I have a Thompson Center Hawkins .54 caliper percussion rifle that shoots 3 inch groups at 100 yards with patched round balls.  I built this rifle from a kit over 50 years ago and would love an opportunity to put it to use while/if I'm still able.  It should work well on both deer and elk.

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