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Maybe should be in deer hunting but more action here.     I've gotten to know a fellow that lives in SE Iowa pretty well.

Never met him but we've talked a lot over the last few years. I've helped him a bunch with his Ford tractor as he restored it. His land is right on the border between IA and MO. In fact the border cuts his property in half.

Anyway, he has a lot of big deer down there and invited me down to rifle hunt for all the help I've given him.

So I started looking at non resident license fees and was shocked at the cost. It would cost upwards of $650 for me hunt there. Wow!

I was thinking more like the cost to hunt in WI. ~ $150.

Do regular people really pay that much to hunt in other states? Or has that become another pass time for the wealthy?   No way I would pay that much!  Since he has land in MO too I am wondering that it would cost to rifle hunt there.  I haven t looked up MO yet but it is on my mind today.

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That cost is probably on the low side if compared to most of the western states.  It seems that if a state is a popular hunting destination it becomes a matter of charging as much as the market will bear.  I see a lot of DIY nonresident hunters here every year and most are regular people who are willing to spend upwards of $1000.00 for a license and that is only part of the cost of a hunt.  Hunting isn't cost effective beyond what you value the experience at.  Even if successful at harvesting an animal the real value is in the journey, not meat in the freezer or the antlers on the wall.

The Mo tag would be cheaper and with basically the same kind of hunt, that would be a less expensive option.

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No way would I pay 650 to hunt whitetail deer. I have them where I live and pay about 30 dollars for a tag. I did spend 600 for a pronghorn tag in WY. Just got it in the mail today. Probably a one a done for me.  Idaho NR bear tags go for about 30 bucks. 

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15 hours ago, fly said:

Idaho NR bear tags go for about 30 bucks. 

Wishful thinking.  Current cost for a nonresident to hunt bear in Idaho is $426.75.  The bear tag alone is $231.75 and a second tag can be had for $41.75.  If you plan on baiting add $34.75.  Add $81.75 if archery or muzzleloader (double if both) hunting.  A deer tag is $351.75 and an elk tag goes for $651.75.  Tag costs are on top of base license and access/depredation fees of $195.  Junior (age 14 - 17) tags are less expensive.  One interesting aspect in ID is that the deer tag can be used on bear or cougar.

Like I stated previously, it is about the experience.  I have hunted the pan handle region of ID which, as hunting goes, is the same as my home turf here.  Some people spend a lot of money to go to Disneyland.  I spend a lot of money to have the opportunity to pursue big game in the mountains for an extra week or two. 

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Yea, the price for a bear tag has went up from 30 something to 41.75. I always hunted ID bears in the areas with reduced fees. These areas still have the reduced fees. I was told these areas were reduced to help get elk numbers up.  I did have to purchase a hunting license which in 2010 was somewhere around 150.00 as I recall.  I drove my travel trailer and camped out in the woods for free for 10 days on a DIY hunt. Took 2 bears that year and the legal fees were under 200.00. I don't remember there being an archery fee. The entire trip cost me about 1000.00 after splitting gas and food 3 ways. We were in the Lolo area, next to the north eastern state border. Did the same trip in 2008 and did not get a bear that year. Went again in 2012 and took a smaller color phase bear. I'm sure the pictures below are on these RT forums somewhere. I know what you mean about the experience. Back in the day money was so tight that this was the only feasible big game hunt I could afford.

Reduced Bear and Second Bear - 41.75
Reduced Price To be used only in designated units, NOT Statewide. Second To be used only in designated units, NOT Statewide.


2nd bear edited.jpg

2012 Bear.jpg


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Looks like you had some great hunts.  That part of Idaho is overloaded with both bears and wolves.  Never looked at what areas were reduced fee for bear but that is a relatively inexpensive hunt.  I have hunted the pan handle of Idaho for elk and deer as the border is a short drive from my house.  There is some good hunting in the St Joe River drainage and excellent fly fishing for brown trout.

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