Sept. 4th


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With the scheduled archery season opener less than 7 weeks away, I am hoping for a change in the weather so that it is not delayed because of the dry conditions and the ever increasing amount of forest fires.  If it is postponed it would not be the first time but hopefully we get some rain in the coming weeks.

It looks like my back/legs (barring further decline) will allow some hunting and with relatives arriving to hunt and help retrieve downed game (if any), I am already getting the itch.  The top half of me is still in good shape and my old Bear Carnage at 76 lbs is launching arrows as accurately as ever.  Although I haven't spent much time in a tree stand the past couple of decades it had always been an option, but not this year as my legs simply do not function well enough.  With over 60 years shooting a bow and this being my 56th season hunting with one it may be my last and I am looking forward to it.

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Only five weeks to go now and after yesterday I'm in rough shape.  My legs gave out on a walk around my property and I managed to jam my right shoulder on a tree on the way down and proceeded to land on a rock which did not do my rib cage any good.  It is amazing how much rib injuries can hurt.  Tried pulling back the bow this morning and my body would have none of that.  I've got some time to heal before the opener but I gotta be more careful.

Still hoping the big buck (pictures in photo thread) will move during daylight but he hasn't appeared to the past couple of years.  The local elk herd also has a decent bull again this year.  Hunting closer to home will allow easier retrieval (atv access) and just maybe I'll get lucky in my old age.

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On 7/30/2021 at 7:45 PM, Ravin R10 man said:

Dave, you are your own worst enemy!.

That's true.  I need to forget what I used to be able to do and settle in to what I can now do.  Problem is I'm very unstable on rough uneven ground which is pretty much everywhere.  Just need to slow down is all for the time being.

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