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A hearty thank you to all of the fire fighters.  The men and women who risk their lives in an effort to control forest fires and prevent property damage are some of the toughest and dedicated people.  A slide show from Idaho and Montana:

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Just got to looking............

Several of the Ontario wildfires are RIGHT where we go into the wilderness to fish.  Doubtful we'd even be allowed back in there right now.  

Yesterday there was a weird haze here at home in west-central PA.  Pretty sure I heard the weatherman say it was from the Canadian wildfires.

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That is an excellent training video.  I am not sure people understand how fast a forest fire can spread, how hot it is, or are aware that a fire can generate its own weather.  I still hear people asking "Why don't they just stop it", as if that is even possible.

There have been six firefighters overrun by fires here in Montana so far.  In one instance a small tanker truck burned and the firefighter had burns over 80% of his body and is currently in a Salt Lake City burn unit.  He has undergone multiple operations to remove burnt tissue and is expected to remain hospitalized for six months.  In the other occurrence, five firefighters were trapped and sustained injuries and are being treated at local hospitals.

Over the next six to eight weeks there will be hundreds of fire starts (most hopefully will be quickly controlled) and with there already being a shortage of personnel and equipment, I think the worst may be yet to come.  The shortage of aviation fuel has grounded some of the air support which only increases the likelihood of property damage and personal injury.  The unforeseen results of the shut down during the pandemic and the push to limit fossil fuel production.  That is fodder for another post.

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