Is anyone seeing ammo on the shelves?


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I was hoping to see some hunting ammo start to appear on the shelves by now but they are still bare with the exception of some 12ga. bird shot, 9mm and .223.  The ammo companies have to be working around the clock, you would think that a little something would start to show up on the shelves.  Is anyone else getting some ammo in the stores or is it just New York?

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The ammo supply at the local store appears adequate but the prices have gone up.  Then a trip to the bigger stores 80 miles south shows a limited supply on most popular calibers and a few empty spots on the shelves.  The salesman at Cabela's said there were supply issues on most ammo and reloading supplies.

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3 hours ago, RangerClay said:

Okay then, why is there no ammo?  Are the plants shut down?  No components?  No work force?  I really haven't had time to research this topic.  I would assume they would be operating around the clock.  So why no ammo?

Remington was out of the picture for quite some time, just now getting fired up under the new ownership.  Then there were covid shutdowns last year.  Couple that with hoarders and scalpers and then also an election year last year and this new "admin", and it has been the perfect storm for ammo and reloading component shortages.  There are scalpers using bots to buy primers as they come available, then they are reselling them, mostly on gunbroker.  Has made finding primers difficult and much more expensive.

Add to it now that this illegitimate administration has banned importation of Russian ammunition, and things are again deteriorating.  

Remington fired back up a few months ago.  Afraid however it is gonna continue to be a bumpy road for ammo for the unforeseeable future.

That said, I saw more on the shelves at academy this morning than what I saw a month ago. Still slim pickings though.

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