2021 Team 5

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Alright partner let’s get it done!  I’m pretty good about updating at least weekly on what’s happening here in Indiana so keep me up to date on what is happening on your end.


 My season starts Wednesday and I hope to get a doe down quick to free up a second buck tag.  In terms of targets, I have a few options.  Unfortunately my top deer got hit by a car in July.  It’s the second time in 3 years that has happened.  All good though, looking forward to a productive season!!

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This morning was the youth opener and Kate was itching to go.  She’s been practicing all summer and I was confident in her ability to hunt with daddy this year.  It was raining pretty good  and I nearly didn’t take her out. After about 20 minutes of debating what to do, I knew I couldn’t let Kate down by not going.  We went to the elevator blind overlooking a 1 acre brassicas plot. This blind is special because it’s where my wife shot her first deer last year and I killed my largest buck on our farm two years ago.  

The morning started slow, but around 8 we had a 1.5 and a 2.5 year old enter the far end of the plot.  They milled around over there for about 5 minutes but never got closer than 80 yards.  Kate wanted to shoot but I told her we had to wait for a closer shot.  About 20 minutes later we had two 1.5 old bucks come out right under the blind and feed at 20 yards.  We actually had to wait for them to feed away before I could open a window and reposition her shooting chair.  At 60 yards, the bigger one turned broadside and Kate asked if she could shoot.  Daddy gave her the green light and the .357 barked!  He ran about 80 yards and piled up in the plot!!  

I don’t cry, but tears were instantly rolling down my face.  All of the dads know what I’m talking about, it’s a feeling I’ll never forget.  I’m so proud of my little girl!!  





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Thanks guys! 

We are missing you in the contest this year Al, hope all is well on your end. 

I did earn my buck the other night, just was on a fawn so I didn’t take any pictures.  Kids gobbled down those back straps in a hurry!  The weather isn’t cooperating right now but maybe later this week and the start of next should be good.  We open statewide this week so that opens up some additional property.

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Thanks Pat.  Even though I'm not putting scores up for a team, I'll be around checking in on y'all and share deer tails too.

Forecast shows rain moving in this weekend through Sunday morning in Missouri...then cooler temps for 4 or 5 days.  I'm heading there Saturday but I don't plan on sitting in a stand until Sunday afternoon.  Hope to run my cams and move some to scrapes that aren't on them yet.  Better chances for up close pics of bucks.  Need to see several in hard horn that I haven't caught on cams since July and early August too.  Still looking for several mature bucks that haven't been caught on cams so far that I caught on cams last year.

BTW...you are right about that feeling you had when Kate bagged her buck.  You'll always remember it like it happed yesterday.  I still do and it's now been 28 years since my son bagged his 1st deer (a doe).

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Nothing new to report, haven’t been in the woods.  Starting to narrow down core areas using the cameras so hopefully late October will heat up.

 I also got the benefit of a buddy inviting me on a military hunt on November 6&7th where we get to use a firearm and have extra buck tags so I’m pretty excited about that.  

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Muzzleloader opens in the morning here in Arkansas. We have a cold front coming in tonight so hopefully they will be moving good. I’ve only got a couple decent 8 points on camera so far on the new place so hopefully something comes together.

Extra chances to fill tags are always great, especially that time of season!

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