270 Pound Buck Taken During a Cold Front on October 16th


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This deer weighed 212 pounds field dressed and estimated 270 live weight (my heaviest to date). I was hunting my land on October 16th when this buck came to the edge of a cut corn field to make a scrape about 30 minutes before last light. I heard a doe blowing at him about 15 minutes earlier. I had grunted earlier and I think that's why he came up from the bottoms. A cold front had came in and I suspected good deer movement. When I first saw him I was electing to pass because I could only see the 4 points on the right side. Then he came out of the brush and I could see the massive body and character of the left antler. I decided to take this deer. Just at that time he started walking away, presenting me a quartering away shot - I took it and double lunged him. His death run took him 100 yards down into a gorge that took me 2 hours to get him out of. He will provide a lot of meat and look great on the wall.


Frank and Deer.JPG


Ten Points.jpg

Frank and Beth.jpg

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" I had to know if you got him on your property. " Indeed - It is a very rewarding experience! All the hard work to save enough money to buy hunting ground, the hard work to put in trails, food plots, and stands. All the time spent moving cameras, etc... It's a special moment.

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I did not William. I never saw this deer before. However, I posted his picture on a FB page (deer hunting in Illinois) and a guy that hunts a mile north of me had several and a video clip and sent them to me. Below is a picture of him from last year.


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