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This is a thread to share your Deer Camp pictures for the 2021 season. This weekend my son, father, and i will once again be headed down to the Shawnee Forest for our traditional deer camp. Pictures will be coming later!

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Deer Camp 7.bmpThis has been a great year for me! To cap off an already great hunting season the good Lord provided a nice healthy doe to add some action to deer camp 2021! This year my father son and I returned to the hills of the Shawnee National Forest! I placed my son in my “secret spot” and he saw 4 deer on opening day. He elected to pass the first 3 as they were smaller does and a spike. He saw a decent 8-point buck at 4pm but it didn’t present the short he was looking for. On day two he wasn’t going to be as picky but did not see a deer. My luck was WORSE! I had a beautiful view but didn’t see a deer on opening day. On day 2, I was about to call it a morning hunt when at 9am a doe cam hustling by. I tried to stop her but the wind was too much and at 60 yards she didn’t hear me. Finally I screamed HEY! As loud as I could and she stopped. Yep, she stopped… behind the largest oak in my view – No shot. She waiting a few seconds then decided to get the heck out of Dodge. As she got to a small clearing at 80 yards a took a trotting quartering away shot with my new Savage 220 loaded with left over accutips for 2 years ago and hit the 10 ring at 80 yards. I don’t boost much, but this was by far the best shot I have ever made. Another year of sharing camp with my dad, and my son. The Lord made me a deer hunter and I thank Him for it.

Deer Camp 1.jpg

Deer Camp 2.jpg

Deer Camp 3.jpg

Deer Camp 4.jpg

Deer Camp 6.jpg

Deer Camp 5.bmp Deer Camp 8.bmp Deer Camp 9.bmp

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Neither Mike nor I got a deer this year. The first time in at least 15 years we both came home empty handed.

Our area of MN had a severe drought this year and our plots were a complete failure. The worst ever. Without good plots there is nothing for the deer to come in for.

But there was still good food, good friendship, good beer (and a little good brandy) and some great games of cribbage. And... There is always next year.20211113_183348.thumb.jpg.126fd38e9b54dc3a12c451e23a2b40ed.jpg20211120_191618.thumb.jpg.aa5edd39293e5b19ea3aa9e96be526fa.jpg

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