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For 15 years I have applied to hunt a 500 acre island in the middle of a lake roughly 30 minutes from my house. This year would be the first year my application was selected. I scouted the island the week prior to my 7 day hunt. I set up a couple stands (one in a swamp and the other looking over a 200 acre winter wheat field).  The island is a popular destination for hikers and dog walkers as a nice 3 mile loop trail goes around the perimeter of the island.  Each hunt I would watch as hikers and dog walkers traveled 60 yards from my stand never knowing I was there. Just about every night right around 4:30pm the deer would exit the swampy / wooded areas and enter the winter wheat field to feed for the evening. My stand was set up in a narrow stretch of winter wheat about 60 yards across. This proved to be the golden location as multiple deer filtered through the narrow stretch before entering the larger field. The first couple days I let several deer walk past hoping a big buck was in tow. It was not meant to be. Therefore on the 3rd eve of the hunt I took out this nice big doe with the same bolt and broad-head I have killed 2 other deer and and a pronghorn with. All animals were complete pass through s and none ran more than 150 yards. What a great way to end my season!



Frank and WI Deer 2.jpg


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I'm really considering purchasing a larger chest freezer for the garage Al. Much of the venison goes to my family, as I'm the only one that consistently harvests a deer each year. This doe weighed 120 pounds field dressed which would make her about 150 pounds live weight. That's a good size doe even for IL.

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I figured the deer would go to the center instead of walking an edge, which they did and  gave me a 35 yard shot with the crossbow. Pretty much a gimme at that distance. I don't even worry about jumping the string with my xbow shooting 415 fps. I imagine you don't either with your 400+ Ravin. I'm sure I had let this doe walk on a previous day hoping a mature buck would be following. Only had 1.5 -2.5 year old bucks entering the field during legal shooting hours. I did see one decent buck on the first day, but it was a good 20 minutes after legal shooting time. I was trapped in the stand with about 5 does below my stand and I had to wait for them to leave before climbing down as I did not want them to blow at me. Of course that is when the mature buck came out. I could only tell how big he was when looking with my binos on a clear night with moonlight.

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