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Well, it finally got me. LOL Tested positive this past Wednesday. Was due a booster this month and planned on getting one. Not sure it would have prevented it, but maybe. Anyway, I remember our prior discussions and figured we all would be exposed sooner or later and like the flu, something we have to live with. I have had several fevers, but no shortness of breath and no issues with taste or smell. I'm taking Paxlovid at the recommendation of my doctor.  I have to stop my cholesterol lowering medication for a while, but that's not a big deal. So far the Paxlovid seems to be working as I'm feeling a lot better today.

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Glad to hear it's has not been bad for you Frank.  Hope you are over it.

I had it back in December, our son brought it home from school right before Christmas.  I did lose my sense of smell and taste was off, sense of smell still isn't right.  Biggest issue I had was my o²'s were dropping and had some erratic heart rates, got the monoclonal antibody treatment, not sure if it helped out not.  Didn't really slow me down much, just felt like the flu.

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Frank, hope you get well soon. Now you will have REAL Antibodies to fight it.

I got it after New Years...flu like symtoms 3 day deal tested Neg.👏

Wife got SAME symtoms,... vaxed 2x and boosted  tested Pos.  Go figure

Just like Don said....🙄

On 6/3/2022 at 10:12 PM, Strut10 said:

Vax or not


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