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I have a couple nice bucks on camera this year. The 14 pointer is 3.5 which means "IF" I can let him go another year he might make B&C. Neighbors will not give him a pass and I suspect he will be right at 150 this year.

Spot June 2022.jpg

14 pointer.jpg

Sticker June.JPG

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Frank, that’s a darn good 3.5 year old.  I feel your pain on neighbors killing them, had very similar 3.5 year old get whacked by my neighbors 5 years ago. He went 153 and change with no mass and 21 inch beams.


Even though it’s tough to pass, that’s a deer who could absolutely blow up next year.  

My personal rule is that anything under 4 gets passed unless he will become my biggest buck.  

definitely exciting to see!

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Couple of real solid deer right there !!!

Know what you mean about being hesitant to pass on a deer like that 14.  Our property harbors some decent bucks.  But it doesn't HOLD them.  The best deer I had last year got shot a mile away on the gun opener.  Whadda ya do with that ??

Best of luck with whatever happens this coming season.  It is always nice to have a situation present an easy that 14 NOT being the first deer you see.   LOL !!!

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