August 1st


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8/1 has always been a hunting related day around here..
First day you can buy your licenses for the coming season/s and get the booklet with hunting regs in it including any new laws, etc. The booklet also includes what you can harvest in your zone and area ie.
bucks only, hunters choice (either sex) or even bonus deer - once in a while.
Even though our rifle season doesn't open till early November we always bought our licences early as you have to have your application in by September 8th or so to get into the doe permit lottery.
I will probably cruise up to Fleet Farm later and get my license and booklet today just to see what's the scoop.
96 days till the opener here.
Whoo Hoo! Edited by Ultradog
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Here in IL we have to apply for Deer permits (Gun) in April. August 1st is opening day for squirrel season which ushers in the fall hunting season. Soon corn will turn yellow as will the bean leaves. The crisp cool days of autumn are close at hand. Looking forward to it!


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Wow............   Get with the times.    LOL !!!!!!!

Our license here went on sale June 13th.  Our first round resident antlerless application was opened July 11th.  Second round resident opened Aug. 2nd.  Third round for unsold is Aug 15th.   I got e-notification that my first two antlerless tags are a done deal.   Probably apply for a third.  May use it if I draw.  May not.   There's currently 32000+ tags available in my WMU

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It seems almost inconceivable to us here in cold country that you  could have so many deer. Not that I dont believe you. I do. And I know in a lot of southern areas they are practically begging hunters to kill more deer.

I hunt in central Minnesota where it gets pretty cold, there are very few farms anymore so forage isn't as available - it's mostly woods and swamps and lakes there and we have  significant wolf and coyote populations there.

There just aren't that many deer. In the last say, 40+ years I have drawn maybe 15 doe tags. Ten times we've had hunter's choice and twice we could take a bonus deer. And it seems like every time we can get a bonus tag we get a hard winter and we're back to bucks only and does by lottery for a few years.

The population must be up again.  I  didn't have time to buy a license on the 1st but looked online and it's hunter's choice this year. Nice!

I'm not complaining mind you. That's just how it is here. And I still love to hunt deer. Opening day is equal to Christmas, New Years and your birthday all rolled into one and you look forward to it every year. The fire in the belly thing.

It is why I joined this place and why I'm still here - even after most of the folks have forsaken the place.


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PA is hit or miss anymore.

Most mixed ag/woodland areas are still covered up with deer.  The rub is..........most of it's posted solid and you ain't hunting ANYWHERE there.  As more and more ground gets posted, the commission issues more and more tags hoping to make up for the lack of opportunity. The big woods regions of the central and northern parts of the state are pretty slim on deer.  There's a couple of those units that are sold out of doe tags already.  They always sell out.  Total available doe tags made available state wide this year was 948,000


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Buy your license here and then you get supplementals for weapons for archery, muzzleloader, or gun.   Statewide limit on bucks is 2, but you can take more if you hunt special quota hunts that don't count towards the statewide total.   Does(antleless) are 3 a day for much of the state, that's right 3 allowed every single day from season open in September through January. We are in a cwd zone, you can earn extra bucks,  or if yours tests positive, you get an extra. 

I typically hunt landowner,  no license or tag required for me to hunt my farm.  License here used to go on sale in March for the new season, and the big game fun that covers deer also sold cover turkey.   License here now are available year round and they run a calendar year, if I understand the new reg correctly. 

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