2nd 2022 MO trail cam run


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Finally finished editing.  First...here's hard antler pics of the double split brow tine buck.  Didn't know till now he had sticker points too.


Not concerned about what he'll score...more than enough not to scratch my head.

The next pic is the only decent one I have of the 2nd buck from my 1st trail cam thread.  No hard antler pics od him yet.


Last year I missed a big 8.  I believe this is him this year.  Same area.  Super long main beams.  Best I can tell he's close to 18" inside.  I also got a couple of velvet pics of this buck on the same cam where you the short G2 10 point (above) was caught on cam.


This buck got in the face of 2 of my cams.  At least one I could see his whole rack before he stuck his nose in the cam.  The daylight pics come from another cam.



From a couple of other pics it appears his left G2 makes a small V split at the end.


Buck 3 at NE Skull Field_005 RT.jpg

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Thanks William.  I'm anxious to see some hard antler pics of the remaining velvet ones too.  I'm pretty sure the double split brow tine buck is one I passed last year as a 3.5 year old.  He was close to 150 then but we made a point to put him on the "off limits" list last year.  He passed inside the circle of death of the same stand 3 times last year.  Once while I was hunting it and twice while a buddy of mine was hunting it.  If the wind is right, I'll spend some time in that stand real soon.  I set a cam on a scrape close to it during the last cam run.  I'm heading back on 10/3 with plans to hunt that week and check the cams.  

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It moved in HERE today.............40-42 degrees tonight...........38-40 degrees tomorrow night...........

Next Saturday is our opener.   Hoping to be in the tree with my older daughter (28 years old and this is her first year bowhunting).   Hoping to be a second set of eyes and talk her through the process, should a buck show up.  Did get a pic of a really pretty 2.5 year 8-pointer right where her stand will be.  It would make her (or anyone) a dandy first bow buck. 

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Thanks Pat.  I appears we are getting close to where we were before the EHD die off 4 years ago.  About time.

Don...cool your older daugher is joining the tribe.  Hope she gets to sling an arrow.  Good luck to both of you with the PA opener.

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Going to have to take a good look at this buck on the hoof too.  Looks fully mature to me.  These pics are from 2 cams that are about 15 to 20 yards from 2 of my stands.  According to GE the 2 cams & stands are 0.7 miles from one another.



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Save some drool Martin...There will be more new ones coming when I get back from next week's bowhunt there.   🙂 😉

My buddy's son (Kody) is in Missouri right now.  My buddy is in Alaska hunting brown bear till 10/6.  Kody ran 4 of my buddy's cams yesterday and got a new huge, STUD buck that's now the new #1 buck on the hit list.  Yesterday afternoon he sent me, via text, 4 pics shooting pics with his iPhone of the computer screen.  They are daylight pics taken Thursday (9/29).  From those pics I believe he's the biggest buck we've gotten on cams there since the EHD die off in 2018.  This buck is a main frame 12 point (short G5's on each side) with great mass & good tine length on the rest of his tines.  His G2's and G3's on both sides have mule deer kickers so 16 points total on his very symmetrical rack.  I'll post some pics of him from that cam card in a new thread when I get back from next week's bowhunt.  Kody said there was a new big 9 point on that card too.  I'll run my 8 cams when I get there.  I expect to have some new 2022 bucks on them too.  There are still several bucks from our 2021 fall and 2021/2022 winter pics that haven't been accounted for yet too.

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