2022-23 Deer team 2

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17 hours ago, hoosierhunter said:



Al usually isn’t MIA this long, got a feeling he might have a good one when he comes back.

Not yet Pat.  I spent 16 straight days in MO hunting (11 bowhunting...5 gun hunting).  Saw the Short G2 10 point (now a 9 after breaking off a brow tine) 5 times during the last week of bow season.  Hunted 5 days of the gun season and never saw him again.  I also saw the big double mule kicker buck once.  An experience I'll never forget!  It was a bitter/sweet experience though.  At the time Short G2 was 10 yards behind a doe feeding my way.  He had singled her out earlier and they had just returned.  I had bow in hand just waiting for him to keep nudging her toward me the big double mule deer kicker appeared.  As he walked in toward Short G2, Short G2 turned black slowly making a half circle.  When Short G2 circled to the other side of him they crashed horns like nothing I'd ever heard or seen before.  2 fully mature 160 to 170 class bucks in battle at ~75 yards.  I quickly hung up my bow so I could watch them through my binocs with both hands.  Short G2 was winning from the start.  Double mule kicker could hold his own if he kept both rear legs dug in but if he tried to push back, Short G2 would back him up.  After watching with my binoculars for 30 to 45 seconds I realized I needed to try to video the battle.  I managed to capture 51 seconds of the fight before Short G2 pushed the double mule deer kicker buck close to the edge of the field out of my sight.  Back to looking for them with binoculars.  Although I could still hear their horns clashing for another 20 seconds or so I couldn't see them.  Then...out comes the double mule deer kicker buck rolling over on his side, legs kicking...on his feet and out of there like a rocket. Victorious Short G2 returns to where his doe was last standing (she ran off at the clash) and takes off trailing her never offering a shot.

The last afternoon of Bow season Short G2 showed up twice at 2:40 to check for a new doe.  Then again 45 minutes later.  That was the last time I saw him.  With the frequency I was seeing him the last week of bow season, I figured I'd have him in my sights within the first 3 days of the gun season.  Never saw either one of them again.  Had to return to attend a wedding today.  If not for that, I'd still be there.

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16 days and nothing? wow Al, guess just becuase they on cam, aint a sure thing they gonna step out. With our gun season done Sun. looks like I am only posting that cull 6 I took out of the herd. Just not seein anything better than what I took with x bow.                                                                                  

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Martin, the 1st 11 days were the last days of the 1st Missouri bow season.  Never got one of my target bucks in range even though I saw one 5 times and the other once.  When gun season opened, they both disappeared for the 5 days I was able to hunt with a rifle.  The season is far from being over for me.  The MS firearm season opened last weekend and it's open through the end of January.  Where I hunt in MS rutting activity doesn't start to crank up until the 2nd half of December.  

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