Mid morning deer


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With the forums down at the time, for me anyway, I posted the story on another site. To make it easier if I copied it for the most part here. 
On this little ridge, I have a homemade steel ladder stand that I have had by this old river channel for a long long time. Used to be i would hunt that stand every year on opening morning if the wind was right. The past few years, I haven't kept up with trimming and haven't set the stand much at all. This year Catrina helped me and we got it trimmed out fairly well. First time I have sat in that stand this year was Wednesday morning. I don't think I hunted it once last year.
As it got light i saw that there was a fresh scrape practically under the stand. Middle right in the pic below.

Beautiful morning and plenty of activity. Most the deer I saw early used a trail where we missed cleaning a few limbs on the trail. I could still see well enough though to see they were not anything I wanted to shoot.

About 9:15 had a doe bed down in a briar tangle about 75 yards in front of me. I probably would not have stayed as long had she not been bedded where she could see me climb down.

About 10:20 a spike comes chasing two does through on a trail a little closer off to my left. The doe in front of me stays put, but i watched her watching them as she stayed hid. I could hear them chasing around in the bottom straight in front of me, I let out a series of grunts. Not two minutes later this buck comes in quick from the bottom in front and to my right. Didn't get as good of a look at him a I would have liked, but could see he had 4 on his right side and was past his ears and looked to have decent mass. Got my gun up and found the tree I was expecting him to pass by next, and squeezed as his vitals cleared the tree. He went maybe 45 yards, 6.5 creedmoor handloads 143 grain eldx over 42 grains imr4350. He came straight at me and crashed down just to my left, less than 10 yards from me. Clipped his heart. No need for tracking, but followed blood back to where he was standing, left a great blood trail. Doe still hung tight after the shot.
As he lay from the stand

Seeing all the deer being killed this year, I guess I let it get the better of me and in split second timing instinct took over. My target buck had been mia since Oct 28th. Had I seen this one in my field I probably would have watched him and likely lethim walk. I think the 8 I saw earlier in the season was bigger, he hasn't been around either. Still respectable, 17 inch inside spread, 9 points over an inch.
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