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You all pretty much know about my accident, injuries from the accident and what I have been through...Also my cancer diagnosis in 2015 and the two surgeries to extract then rebuild where it was....I have had 30 surgeries from the accident (I was a welder and had #1000 of steel fall on me and crush me). I broke my back and neck in 7 places, both shoulders, both arms, both hands and my left leg....Well, I had been having increased pain in my lower back and legs and it got so bad I went 90 miles to Nashville to the St. Thomas ER. 

The ER doctors decided to admit me and they kept me there from Sunday last week through Wednesday. They ran imaging and found atleast one screw in my lower back had either backed out a bit or wallowed itself loose.

INSTEAD of keeping me there to fix it, they decided to release me and do a follow-up in 5 weeks... WHAT??? I can NOT manage my pain it is so bad,,,, I don't know what they were thinking...

ANYWAY, looks like surgery 31 from the accident is on the horizon....I would like for us to get together one day back at Wilderness and am considering going ahead and hunting one more time before surgery...

I could use prayers as I need help to get around when navigating rough terrain.


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