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Deer Chili...Yummy!!!

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Ok here goes.

One can of rotel-diced tomatoes and green chili's

One packet of williams chili seasoning-must be williams in the black bag with yellow letters.

Two cans of hunt's tomato sauce-same size as rotel

One can of Ranch Style Beans (with or without jalapeno's) I prefer with, but it is spicy.

1-2lbs of deer meat

Brown the deer meat… I usually pour in several jalapenos and jalapeno juice to kind of tone down the game taste.

Add the rotel to the meat and let it simmer for about 5 minutes..tones down the game taste a little more.

After that, just throw in all of the other ingredients. It is ready to eat now or, for a more blended flavor, let it simmer for twenty or so minutes

try it and you will love it...



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Re: Deer Chili...Yummy!!!

My chili is never exactly the same each time I make it. Dont follow any recipe when I make chili, but thanks for the ideas, might try some black beans or ranch style beans in my chili some time.

I always brown my deer meat in the pan with a little olive oil and sauteed onions and peppers(usually use jalapenos and bells fresh frozen from the garden).

Use 1-2 cans of red kidney beans depending on how much venison I am using, one can of bushs chili beans, tomato paste or sauce(couple cans), and dump or pour chili powder, cayenne pepper, salt and cumin to taste. Usually dont add much cayenne, my kids dont like it too spicy.

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Made chili Tuesday in the crock pot with 2 lbs of ground veni.  As usual no recipe. 

And YES, it simmered all day.  

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