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Has any heard of the deer/elk cart that was called "Carryall Buddy" S&B Enterprises; out of Oregon City, OR. The guy sold the business to another guy in Oregon and that business was called Second Generation; I believe. I would like to know if anyone knows if these carts are still being built of if you know someone that would like to sell theirs. Thanks for the help.

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Carryall Buddy

S&B Enterprises

PO Box 325

Oregon City, OR 97045

Tel: 888-594-2278 503-656-1790

Lightweight, yet strong game and utility cart. Hand brake, pivoting front handles, folds down for easy storage and transportation. Call for more information.

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Best Game Cart Ever

Check out the orange game cart. Call Forrest at 541-977-7011 for all info on the cart. I have not even seen a home made or store bought cart that comes close to this. Very stable, ground clearance, folds up to a pack, brakes, kick stand for you to take a rest, and the list goes on and on. You should check it out if you or anyone has ever thought of getting a game cart. My friends love theirs, but I want one of my own now.

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