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What is your dream hunt?

Me, being disabled now, I have had to put most everything aside now. Yhis Alaska hunt means more to me than most any of you could imagine. It is really terrible now when I have placed local ads in the newspaper and local ads on the internet garage sale site for the past two years and have had NO ONE call or reply. I just want to go hunting. I am not asking folks for the biggest buck on the farm,,,but you know what>\? That is the reason I have not been asked here locally. Folks think someone os going to kill THEIR deer.

After my Alaska hunt, I am going to try and find somewhere where I can hunt for an Elk that has haunted me over and over in my dreams. It is just a simple 6x6 with huge daggers at the top of his rack. HE is out there just waiting for me. I just know it. I am going to find him.

Next, or at the same time, I am going to try to visit and hunt with at least one RealTree forum member each season and do a photo/video essay about and put it up on a website somewhere. It will be part of a legacy of memories I leave behind.

OK, I have went on long enough. What about you?

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When I was a boy reading Field and Stream, Sports Afield, and Outdoor Life I was always fascinated by the true wilderness hunts. Didn't matter what the game was, but just being in some far away place experiencing what nature put there for me to discover. The Yukon and Alaska come to mind. I can't count out the American Rockies or the wilderness of Eastern most Canada. Russia would be an adventure, as well, I am sure.

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This will probably sound selfish (and, it is), but my dream hunt now will most likely not come true anymore. It would be any hunt in which I could Walk out to do my scouting or stand placement. These days I have to rely on friends and relatives to help me get out in the woods, and it is a dream to go back into a time when that wasn't necessary.



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