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Hello everyone , this is John. I am a MBA student studying in New-York university. I find forum discussion, a very interesting stuff to do. I used to hang out with these forums during my spare time. Many topics have got a healthy discussion over here.Many technical , current affairs & also off-topics sounds interesting here and also got a healthy discussion over it. I think it would be most enjoyable while doing discussions in this forums.And pleased to meet all the other members of this site. And yes . .

Wish all other members in this site a very Happy & Prosperous New Year. :)

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We've got to have more youth on the forums don't we? :jaw: Hellllllooooooooo.....? :( Anyone remember what this room used to be like? At one point we had a good number of folks but now the room is dead. Liven it up a bit! ;)

Dakota :)

I remember what it used to be like Dakota. I agree, We need more kids in here!

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