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I ain't been in the forums for quite some time....life has been busy, between work and kids and a great woman. My kids are growing like weeds, LOL

I didn't get a chance to go hunting this year...I KNOW ?!?!?! Crazy huh. I just couldn't break away. But last years winter really killed alot of deer off up here, and nothing promising showed up on my trail cams, so I obstained for the year. several of my friends around the state did the same thing...

God found me fit for another blessing, and it was obviously by his hand, cause how else is a yankee from the tundra of North Dakota ever gonna meet a "coonass" from the southern part of Louisiana ?!?!?! Our cultures are a bit different, lol, but we seem to connect on every level imaginable...it is such a breath of fresh air, and something I've been hoping and longing for, for quite some time....she cooks me gumbo and boudain and I cook her venison and pheasant :-)

I hope this finds you all doing well and having a successful 2009, and leading into an even better 2010. Im actually gonna try and make a couple indoor 3d tourneys in the next several weeks.....take care everybody and God bless !!


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