What was your favorite bow you ever owned?

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Tears came to my eyes reading all these, I remembered like my first 20 bows all over again. Working in a bow shop I have been blessed with owning a ton of bows, but all the old bows I've had can't hold a candle to the bows we have today.

I currently shoot a Mathews Monster, and my die-hard Bowtech General as backup. 70lbs on both, 365g on both.

I have shot 17 deer with the bowtech over the last 3 seasons (thanks to does that like corn), 5 bucks. Shot 6 with the monster last season, biggest 100" 8pt.

Best season was hunting Jersey, believe it or not, and a Bowtech Patriot, 10 deer with the bow, 1 with the shotgun.

Get r done. Needless to say, We like Venison.

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