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The good 2009

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I feel very blessed to be here in 2010 and thank GOD for all I was able to accomplish in 2009. I want to tell you only about a few of the good things that I was fortunate enough to get last year. I hope that others will also include their fortunes of 2009. I am sure they are greater than mine.

  • I was lucky enough to get a pronghorn antelope buck with my crossbow in Wyoming. 14" and I got a free shoulder mount.
  • I got my biggest whitetail buck 8 pt. with heavy beams. Not big by points, but to get from my wheelchair it was a prize to me. I got it mounted.
  • I got my first whitetail with archery a doe and a button buck. I hit an 8 pt. good behind the shoulder but no one could track it down.
  • I shot a wild hog. They are very good to eat.

So 2009 was a good year to me. I feel so blessed. I pray that 2010 will be another good year. Maybe GOD will give me a bigger buck this year. If not, HE will bless me in some other way.

Now please let us here about your 2009.

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sounds like u had a geat yr icanhunt..i got a 6 point buck n a nice big doe myselfe this ys [09] hope i do better too..i am also disabled not in a wheel chair yet but can only walk 100 yrds now,its my back n arthritis all over me n its gettin worse ever yr.again congrads on ur 09 huntin yr

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