John Deere 650 compact tractor

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Anyone have one or know someone who does? I have an opportunity to pick one up cheap. It is a 1988 with 1,300 hours, 4WD, 20 or 21 HP (he has to check), includes a JD60 bucket and an older brush hog that works well.

Looks to be a chance I can't really pass up. Wasn't really looking for one, but this is too good.....

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Don't know Tom, but a tractor that only averaged ~60 hrs/year probably has a lot of time left on it.

I'd definitely check it out. Check all the hydraulic seals you can find, and I'd try to find something pretty heavy to lift while you're doing your test drive.

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Gotta agree with Chris advice on lifting something hefty with it and checking everything you possibly can, also be sure to see how well the steering works if it has power steering.

We used I believe an 855 for a few months, was a pretty decent machine, only thing about it I did not like was it bogged down a bit with the belly mower in tall thick grass.

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Looks like a nice unit.

Keep the radiator and screen in front of the rad. clean.

These engines are a little prone to head gasket and cylinder head cracking if overheated. Keep the rad. clean and you won't have a problem.

If the loader is quick attach, I would run without it while mowing. This will greatly reduce picking up chaff etc. while mowing. If the loader isn't QD you could remove just the bucket.


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The John Deere 650 could be a really good choice for me, too. But I lost this chance and didn't get it.The tractor I was looking did not have power steering and it was a bit old. But the fact that it is a small tractor is very useful in fine jobs.

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