Hey Y'all....from North Dakota....Kind of....


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Hey Hey.....long time, no see !!:D

Ya I know, I been kinda MIA.....lot been going on, and still ain't been bowhunting !! I know, ME ???!!!!

Well anyways, I figured I better check in....took me a while to even remember my password, hahaha. Latest and greatest news, is I just got hired on at the WyoDak power plant in Gillette, WY.....so I will be moving to the great state of Wyoming either Wednesday or Thursday of next week.....got my enclosed trailer all loaded up, just tying up some loose ends back here in NoDak country....

I don't even have a place to live yet, but it's a great company and they're putting me up in a hotel for up to 30 days till i can find a place....not sure If I live in Gillette, but leaning kinda towards Moorcroft or Sundance. Buffalo would be nice too, but it's just a little to far of a drive for work.

I am so excited for the hunting opportunities that Wy. offers. Sucks I have to wait a year after I establish my residency....but it will be worth it.

Hope this finds you all doing awesome.....gonna be a crazy next few weeks, but I will try to stay in touch a little more often. God Bless you all and ttys

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Hi there Clay. Yes it has been a while. Good to see you're still kickin my friend.

Gillette is one awesome place to live and hunt. I sure had fun hunting Antelope there. You'll have to look up Steve Beilgard, and drop in to introduce yourself. Him and his wife are some of the finest people I have had the pleasure of meeting.

All the best on that new job, and I hope the move isn't too hectic for ya bud.

Take care and God bless

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Thanks Everyone

Well, I am settled in !!! Got a few weeks under my belt, an awesome apartment less than 15 minutes from work, and meeting alot of cool people !!

Traveling back to ND in the morning, to see my kids, and to pic up some of the last of my things...especially my MOUNTS, LOL...the walls are bare, need to bring the rest of my framed prints too, LOL....

Hope this finds you all having a great fall so far.....and thanks Buckee, I forgot Steve was out here, drrrr LOL.

Take care and God bless my friends and ttys, Clay

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Thanks everyone,

Ill sure to do that Bugleward...and LOL Steve. I remember y'all going on antelope hunts, and I could never seem to break away even tho I was in ND....but it's been a while since Ive been online, so my memory kinda failed me, LOL

I live up in the Foothills area, and the other morning there was a nice 4x Muley munching grass out on the Blvd, lol.....gotta love it.

Hope you all had a great Halloween weekend......Clay

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